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"It's crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow," West begins his rap, "to everybody on your dick—no homo." , to those unfamiliar with the term, is a phrase added to statements in order to rid them of possible homosexual double-entendre.

("You've got beautiful balls," you tell your friend at the bocce game—"no homo.") began life as East Harlem slang in the early '90s, and in the early aughts it entered the hip-hop lexicon via the Harlem rapper Cam'ron and his Diplomats crew.

Even rank immodesty after a 1-yard run gives TV an opportunity to do dirt to sports.

Where was Carolina’s sideline passing game, so strong all season?

And, for what Bud paid for the privilege, I wasn’t the least bit moved to go grab a Bud. Bronco DB Aqib Talib’s penalty for taunting — it’s the Super Bowl, for crying out loud!

— inspired Nantz and Phil Simms to speak of the damage — instead of punting, the Panthers had 15 more yards and a first down — but didn’t inspire either to say what needed to be said: Such behavior at such moments is insane! In all, there were five penalties for bad behavior, yet Nantz and Simms, who’ve sadly become steady panderers, apparently didn’t find that nearly as inexcusable as we did.

The real-life people featured in the spot include Special Olympians who are best friends, a multiracial family, and an Orlando Pulse shooting survivor and her girlfriend.

The campaign was once again created pro bono by R/GA.

In addition to the online video, the integrated campaign includes television spots and digital banners.Her dedication to follow the bureaucratic rules frequently made her antagonistic and unlikable to the other team members.In the beginning of the second season, Saroyan butts heads with Dr.The Ad Council's latest iteration of its multiple award-winning "Love Has No Labels" campaign reinvents the tradition of the "kiss cam" used at big sports games for a new, more tolerant generation.Released in time for Valentine's day, "Fans of Love" was filmed at the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando in January -- the location particularly signifcant given last year's mass shooting at the LGBT Pulse club in the city.

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