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That was a month before we got involved in it." So what can you do? In November 2015, Coley was charged with robbing and sexually assaulting women he met online. "In the Terry Coley case, on his profile, girls would put in the comments this guy is a rapist and they disregarded it.Next, the bill will advance to the floor of the California State Assembly.If it passes, the bill would exempt online dating services from some rules under the state’s Dating Service Contract Law, Santa Cruz County Assistant District Attorney Douglas Allen said.

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It cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data as its source.District attorneys in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Napa counties sent letters to an assemblyman who introduced a bill they said would dilute consumer protections for online dating transactions.The legislation, Assembly Bill 314, received a vote of support Tuesday by the Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection at the State Capitol.Kent says she fell in love, and around the sixth month, said yes to Coats’ marriage proposal.“It was an excitement of I think I found the one,” she said.She co-signed on a car, revealing her most personal information for the first time.“He used my name, date of birth, to open accounts online,” said Kent.

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