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This is a brave exhibition, which sets out to explore the ancient Christian cult of relics and the enthralling works of art created to house them.

Often the preserve of church or cathedral treasuries, the reliquary is an art of boxes and caskets, housing mysteries; of amulets and pendants made to hold and venerate sacred matter itself: the mortal remnants of the saints or objects once believed to have touched Christ himself.

And you don’t fit with the married groups either, even though you once did.

You don’t fit with the happy little families, all coming together to celebrate holidays and special events as a “complete” family.

I'd turn a page and there would be a photo of Jerusalem or the Sea of Galille and my eyes would tear up. I'm thrilled to see the occasional seminary program that allows young preachers and missionaries to visit Israel as a part of their education. But on the other hand, I got far more out of it by going when I was 44. In confronting him, you're not going to do it his way. He lives in hopes that someone, anyone, will stand up and do the courageous thing. Just make up our mind that there's more to this prayer business than I've found out, and set ourselves to learning how to pray better and more effectively. You'll find one that hits you between the eyes. Ask people whose prayer lives you respect to pray with you and to teach you how to pray.

You're not going to be brutish or mean-spirited; otherwise he wins, since he holds a black belt in that art. So, the next time your church has a business meeting in which this guy (or in rare cases, this woman) sets in to undermining the pastor, you raise your hand and ask to say a word. You stand to your feet and say so graciously, "Pastor, I'd like to read a verse of Scripture to Mr. Just read that chapter again and again, thinking about it, learning it, enjoying it, savoring its insights. There's something magical about working with a group of your peers to learn a new song, forcing yourself to master that part and to blend in with the other voices, and then performing it at the local nursing home or in your church. And if you are the preacher and can't see yourself asking a church member for this kind of help, do it anyway. I'm not saying you'll ever reach the place where you'll feel you've arrived in your prayer life.

Today was evidently a morning of slow news because one of the television shows ran a feature on beer, "50 brews on our bucket list." "Oh great," I thought. Or ask your pastor.) And three, start asking people.

"Just what some beer-guzzling couch-potato needs, an excuse to indulge himself even more." So, let's try to do the right thing here and come up with some positive, non-alcoholic deeds which every disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ should do before departing this earthly sod. This is mine, with a little help from some Facebook friends whom I've asked for contributions. To do this, I suggest three steps: pray, asking the Holy Spirit to lead you in this. If someone walks up and says, "Tell me how to be saved," you need to have an answer. I'm serious; ask people if they would like to know Jesus as Savior.

Every form you complete asks if you are divorced or widowed, not just single or married.For most of the evening, the whole thing was a sweet display of the church the church — we were believing God, loving one another, and begging for a miracle.This has become a popular parlor game and a best-selling theme for all kinds of books -- places to go, things to do, foods to eat, scenes to see, before you leave this world, or "kick the bucket." That's what gave it the name "bucket list." Hollywood made a movie about this a few years ago. (Go to my blog, and click on "How to Know Jesus Christ and Live Forever" for a simple approach.The bodies and bones of the martyrs were especially precious to the early Christians, because they had so little else on which to found and spread their faith.Long into the Middle Ages, many reliquaries would continue to resemble miniaturised tombs, into which the devout might reach to touch the container housing the saint's relic.

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