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NOTE: By turning on TLS support in Postfix, you not only get the ability to encrypt mail and to authenticate remote SMTP clients or servers.

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Similarly, site-B's settings read site-A's Static IP as: 987.6.Therefore, the performance situation is not clear, and TCP provides a bidirectional tunnel for data, but relies on packets, so there will be some "administrative" packets, e.g. For instance, if machine A sends 10 MB to machine B, machine B will also send some packets to A confirming reception.When you do a VPN over TCP, the VPN has its own TCP-based overhead, and transports the administrative packets for any connection within the VPN -- this is the "pay twice" thing.Here's a pair of pictures for the visually-inclined.They're probably not quite correct and perhaps a bit simplified but they should give you the idea.

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