Norton 360 not updating error 5

Glad to know that Symantec with all of the reductions and cuts to staff still has time to properly test their code. One would think that this would be an easy Q&A check. In a support note, published on Saturday evening, Symantec advised affected users to run Live Update manually to fix the problem.

Of course, if Internet Explorer was the only browser you had, and it kept crashing, I'm not quite sure how you would get to read the support advisory.

I've also experienced situations where internet access is completely shut down and many times uninstalling all of the Norton Antivirus or firewall products on the computer fixes this issue.

I was having problems with it, so I uninstalled my old install of it and redownloaded it from CNet Lately, Norton has improved its speed, but I still receive computers that have problems with Norton and I must uninstall it to make the computer work.Although I wrote an article on how to speed up the windows boot process, one of the best ways always is to uninstall Norton and install a free antivirus product.Original Post: Starting yesterday I haven't been able to connect to my network via Ethernet.I'm using the onboard network adapter from my ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe mobo and Vista Ultimate 64 Bit.

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