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Research shows that first impressions are formed within 17 seconds of meeting someone new.

That’s just enough time to see if there’s chemistry, but not so much time that you feel trapped if there isn’t.

I usually need something to hook me before I spend money on one of these, and that came by way of Woody Harrelson.

┌────── ∘°♔°∘ ──────┐ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ └────── °∘♔∘° ──────┘ Today I will share with you all my unboxing of both versions of 'Happy Moment' ┌───── ∘°✩°∘ ─────┐ └───── °∘✩∘° ─────┘ ┌───── ∘°✩°∘ ─────┐ └───── °∘✩∘° ...

I'm going to be going to my second year of college, as well as living in a dorm again.

And Hello to all of you lovely honeys in every and any language you may speak! When I type Jae and it autocorrects to "stan" and Day6 auto... So I am writing to you guys today to share with you an idea that I had recently and what I made!

┌────── ∘°♔°∘ ──────┐ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ └────── °∘♔∘° ─────...

he doesn't want to hurt you.•you are always the most comfortable around him because he makes life effortlessly enjoyable.•his whole charismatic aura will be infectious and you'll never stop smiling.•he'd be a v proud boyfriend as well.•he'll always be vocal about you in general, occasionally visually going all gooey over how cute you looked the other day.•this leads me to believe he is a big ol' romantic.•he'll set up the most carefully planned dates with you only in mind.•it'd be like a picnic with all your favourite foods set up bc he literally believes that you deserve the world.•you always wanting him to sing his parts in "Say Yes" bc you're so happy to have such a talented boyfriend.•you'd both be so comfortable being your individual selves around each other.•it sounds like basic stuff, but it's the small things like him not being afraid to cry in front of you.•bc bless him he can be so sensitive at times, he's so sweet pls protect him.•he'll always take pictures of himself doing aegyo on your phone and save it as your lockscreen.•"um boo seungkwan, since when was this my lockscreen?

He says weird things in his sleep..” Jun: Nope, nope, nope, NOPE. ” Hoshi: He’s totally only a little bit offended, and by a little I mean very offended. For example: do the cutest possible aegyo, serenade you, give you cute smooches on the cheek, give you a bunch of hugs, and more small kiss on your face. Me right”DK: He going to act like he’s fine with it while your still standing there but now that he knows who your real bias is, he’s going to give them a hard hard time.

He’s not okay with this because one he thinks he’s should be your bias, and two now he has to get you back by spending a bunch of time with one of the members to make you jealous. He’s just going to ask you a bunch of questions and compare himself to that member! Like during practice he’s going to joke around with them a lot more and just overall give them a hard time till that member comes to you and complains.

You see everyone who's available while you're using the app. Members rate each other according to how respectful they are to other people.

This helps keep the community safe and helps you meet higher quality people.

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