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It's easier to meet women in person and there's not so much competition as there is on a dating site.

This is absolutely a great way to meet like-minded people.

The key is to find a project that you can invest yourself in.

Leave the ulterior motive behind for a moment and think about what type of volunteerism is best for you. Of course, not every cause is for everyone which is where I think so many people go wrong when looking for volunteer work.

Even my dad, a physician, prescribes online dating to his patients as a way to help them avoid social isolation and maximize the quality of their lives. Vivien would often ask all the volunteers if anyone wanted to walk home instead of taking public transit.

At LIFT, the organization I work with, our volunteers bond over the daily highs and lows of volunteering in a fast-paced resource center. Two very different yet like-minded do-gooders who went through the trenches of service together and came away with a deep understanding of each other's strengths and passions and a walking partnership that turned into a romantic one.

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But those disillusioned with the online dating experience -- or who don't want to meet the love of their life at a college dorm party with Outkast's "Ms. Tommy was the only one who took her up on the offer.When I was young, I started volunteering for an organization aimed at helping certain victimized individuals and only ended up feeling disgust and disdain for the people I was supposed to be helping.After becoming increasingly disenchanted with my work, I threw up my hands and insisted that volunteering wasn't right for me. We’re ridiculously excited to confirm that we’re now running LGBT events!We had our first test events at the start of July, right in time for Pride London and they were a lot of fun.

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